Product Review: Nimbio – Gate Access App

Nimbio Gate Access App
Nimbio Gate Access App allows you to open your gate with your phone

Gate access is an area that has long lagged behind in the adoption of modern technology. Many communities still hire a full-time security guard to manually control gate access. Other communities ask residents to rely on traditional remotes that can have serious problems. Meanwhile, nearly all residents have smartphones in their pockets that have the potential to offer easier, more flexible, and more secure access.

Thankfully, Nimbio has introduced a new solution that promises to finally enable residents of a community to use a gate access app to control entry. This app claims to offer the ability for unit owners to easily add new users while providing access to keys across all devices. Therefore, it is possible for community members to leave their community without having to haul their key fob around for access upon returning.

However, does Nimbio really live up to the hype surrounding its latest product release? Read on to find out.

Transform Any Gate Into a Smart Gate

The main advantage of Nimbio’s product is the ability to add smart functionality to any gate. With most products, you have to buy a new access mechanism to control your gate through an app. This paradigm introduces serious problems since gate manufacturers then try to make their own app with minimal expertise or funding. On the other hand, Nimbio’s product is designed to work with any existing gate. Therefore, you do not have to purchase a new access system just to gain the ability to open your gate using modern technology.

Installing Nimbio

Another huge advantage of Nimbio is that it comes with free installation. Nimbio will send a team of trained technicians to your facility to complete the installation on your behalf. As a result, its team of experienced technicians can analyze your system to install hardware that will ensure compatibility.

When Nimbio comes to your facility, its team will install a small box that attaches to your ordinary gate opener. This box is compatible with nearly all gate openers on the market. Nimbio takes less than an hour to install this box in most cases, and the company will do this for you at no charge. Additionally, Nimbio can help you to set up multiple entry points so that you can use its software for controlling access to all areas of your facility.

Easy Key Sharing

As soon as Nimbio is set up, you can immediately start issuing keys to your residents. Each resident can be given a “master key” that allows them to make multiple keys for their family, friends, and business associates. You can control how many keys each household can create.

In general, you want to provide each household with the ability to create a high number of keys. Some people will need to give keys to household staff, delivery companies, family members who visit frequently, and other trustworthy guests.

However, you retain full control over who enters and exits your facility when you use Nimbio. The app lets building owners see who enters and exits your facility at any given time.

Easily Control Access

With Nimbio, you and your community members can add or revoke access privileges. All you have to do is sign in to the Nimbio app to remove users with just a few taps. Therefore, the app is ideal for rental companies or unit owners listing their properties on AirBnB. New guests can be added to the system with ease, and their access rights can automatically expire after a fixed period of time. Therefore, managing the security of a residential facility has never been easier than with the Nimbio app.

Compatibility With Other Keys

Most access control apps are frustrating for users who lag behind in adopting modern technology. Some people will always refuse to use a smartphone or face challenges when attempting to navigate an interface. Therefore, it is important for your access system to function properly with both modern technology and traditional keys.

Thankfully, Nimbio adds the ability to access a facility with a smartphone without taking away the ability to use a conventional key. Residents in your community will still be able to use key fobs, number pads, card readers, and other access mechanisms to enter your facility. Nevertheless, residents will enjoy the option of being able to enter your facility with modern technology. As a result, residents can learn to make use of Nimbio at their own pace without being forced to use a smartphone app.

No Internet Connectivity Required

Another point of frustration that building owners often struggle with when implementing smartphone-based access mechanisms is the requirement for internet connectivity. Even the best internet connections fail at times. Under normal conditions, people usually experience several service outages every week due to poor 4G reception.

On the other hand, the availability of internet connectivity is not an issue with Nimbio as long as you have a reliable internet connection at your facility. The product can communicate with Nimbio’s servers using Wi-Fi connected to a reliable terrestrial line. Consequently, users who are not connected to the internet can still interact with gates at your facility.

Overall, Nimbio says on its website that its uptime rate is 99.3 percent. Gates usually only fail to open when property managers connect Nimbio’s system to an unreliable 4G service. As long as your internet connection is reliable, your residents will never experience an access issue. Also, since they still have the option of using a conventional keypad or key fob, they can simply use an alternative access mechanism if the system ever goes down.

Is Nimbio Secure?

Nimbio has gone to extensive lengths to make its system as secure as possible. Since the data stored and transmitted by Nimbio is highly sensitive, the company makes extensive use of encryption. The gate control app’s data is made even more secure by using elliptic-curve encryption that is much stronger than ordinary encryption.

The app is also designed to ensure that updates are automatically installed as soon as they become available. Nimbio’s security practices even extend to the operating system level. The app runs on a Linux-based device, and it will automatically install new Linux updates as soon as they are released.

Of course, Nimbio’s app is also updated regularly, and the app can update on its own. Therefore, property managers can rest assured that their system will remain protected against vulnerabilities that have been discovered by Nimbio’s security team.

Free Trial Available

Nimbio is unique among access control apps in how it allows property managers to start with a free trial. You can try out Nimbio at your facility at no cost. Nimbio also has clear contact information on its website, so you can easily reach out to its team to learn more about what the app can offer and to understand whether it is the right match in your situation.

Pros of Nimbio

  • Compatibility with traditional access mechanisms makes adoption easy for everyone.
  • Adding and revoking access is extremely simple.
  • Property managers retain full control over who can access a community.
  • Installation is easy with the help of Nimbio’s team of trained technicians.

Cons of Nimbio

  • Nimbio goes down if no internet connections are available.
  • Users have to own a smartphone to make full use of Nimbio.
  • Residents who do not know how to download an app may require assistance when you first start using Nimbio.

The Verdict

Nimbio is arguably the best gate access app on the market right now. It is easy to get started with, and it offers all of the access control features that property managers need. Most importantly, Nimbio is highly secure to protect facilities against threats with the help of modern technology.

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