Access Control Basics


29 Jun: #PropTech and Access Control

Technology advancement has impacted many areas of our lives in significant ways. The real estate sector in particular has seen investors and major players rush to snap up opportunities that come with embracing technology in real estate.

PropTech is the popular name for the emerging technologies that affect the real estate market in both commercial space and construction. Although PropTech is still in the initial stages, the technology’s future looks bright, and we are bound to see more integration of technology in the real estate business.

how secure is your gated community

18 Jun: How secure is your gated community?

Security is a significant concern for people residing in gated communities. An effective security system should be put in place so that the gated community may attract and retain residents. There are security mistakes that should be avoided at all costs. By avoiding some of these security mistakes, the gated community will be secure, and it will be easy to attract and retain new residents. Also, we will look into some of the security features that should be present in gated communities.

Gate Codes and Access Control

04 Jun: Gate Codes – Access Control in Gated Communities

Modern gated communities control entry into their areas of residence using access codes at the main access control point of the gated zone. The access codes work by restricting entry and prompting you to enter a code before entering the gated community. When you enter the correct code, the gate opens and you are allowed to enter. This article explores the security and management of gate codes in gated communities.


12 Mar: Access Control – What is it?

Every day, all of us require access to a variety of different physical spaces. Each of these spaces has a different level of access restriction. Homes, apartments, garages, and gyms are a few examples of the restricted facilities we access on a regular basis. A shared access point is an entrance to a facility to which multiple people require access at varying times throughout the day. Shared access points are everywhere. Parking garages, front doors for apartments, doors to an office building, and gates for gated communities are examples of shared access points that we encounter on a regular basis.